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The CNS Efficiency Model of the Chiropractic Subluxation Theory

Chiropractic traditionally uses static structure to diagnose dynamic functional loss.  Segmental and Postural Chiropractic techniques presuppose that structural correction (by our imposed standards) will lead to functional improvement.  The overriding belief is poor structure leads to poor function. Yet everyday we see cases that defy this underlying belief. Clinical cases were dysfunction and pain are not in doubt but the structure is grossly normal.  Also everyday we see cases were structure, as verified by MR and other objective tests, is grossly abnormal yet the functional performance of the individual is above what would be considered normal for normal structure. 

Does structure determine function or does function determine structure, or does each determine the other, and if the latter, how can it be?  The answers to these questions seem to be matters of definition, personal paradigm and recognition of the driving purpose of the natural order.

In the inorganic world, structure may be regarded merely as a mechanical collocation of parts in a whole.  But in the biological world, structure is a mechanical collocation of parts adapted to an end.

One cannot argue that “structure leads to function” is a popular belief yet when evolutionary forces are considered one is drawn to concepts such as Wolff’s Law: Function precedes structure. A look at biology gives the clinician a unique understanding.  That understanding is that efficient function and behavior in the external environment leads to adaptable structure through natural selection.  Saving and economic use of resources drives the individual and the species.   Efficient function with available finite resources determines the survival of an individual.  With enough time and offspring, structure adapts to save resources and energy.  What can be said definitively is that structure and function are interdependent with the biologic drive of survival being efficient utilization of available resources.  

Another Model of the VSC

The brain seems to be run by a program that says, “Do it in the most efficient way.”  In all of its functions, the brain seeks optimum metabolic (energy) efficiency, or the path of least resistance.  If one particular function is not accessible, the brain will automatically go on to the next most efficient process for doing that particular task.  If the second task is not available, it will go on to the third or the fourth most efficient way.  Because each alternative process is less efficient, it becomes more stressful and energy expensive.

The brain will keep searching for an appropriate processing method, until eventually the activity may become so metabolically inefficient that the brain will either strengthen the program to make it more efficient through neuroplasticity or not run the program at all.  The individual will decrease the energy partitioning to that process, making this activity minimized or force the program to be more efficient.  Disease and dysfunction depend on whether the strengthened program is physiological or pathological. If the program is not run, there could still be symptoms if the minimized program is physiological. It all depends on where the process is located in the physiological hierarchy.

A chiropractic subluxation is interference in the CNS summation, filtering and integration of sensory input leading to an inefficient output.  The main challenge is the processing component.

The reason an adjustment is effective in the treatment of disease and dysfunction is due to the extensive network of connections possessed by the neuronal clusters in the composite thalamus and cortical maps representing and interacting with the chiropractic listing (the adjustable areas of the spine) in the periphery.  This afferent information from the chiropractic adjustment gives the CNS just the right recipe to formulate and process more functional efficient local and global outputs

We now understand the biophysical, energy constraints and energy efficiency impulses that have governed the evolution of thalamo-cortical networks.  To operate efficiently within these constraints, natural selection has optimized the structure and function of CNS networks with design principles similar to those used in electronic networks.  The brain also exploits the adaptability of biological systems to reconfigure (neuroplasticity) in response to changing needs caused by the internal and external environment.

Shifts in neuronmodulation such as caused by chiropractic adjustments, exercise, yoga, positive mediation and diet or any other systematic constant afferent input help assure a favorable balance in the CNS of performance (processing, integration, summary and filtering)  and metabolic efficiency. 

In the subluxated patient, the brain is not processing or organizing the flow of sensory impulses in a manner that gives the individual good, precise information about himself or his world.  Thus any efferent output will be inefficient and lead to eventual dysfunction and limitation.

The chiropractic subluxation is stress to the system that causes inefficient processing that can lead to long-term pathology. 

The human brain is an expensive tissue whose evolution, development and function have been shaped by available metabolic energy within and without neurons. The human nervous system is innately tuned towards survival of the organism.  This survival tendency manifests itself as the development and continuance of efficient use of energy for all its processes.

This survival tendency, or drive, is for the conservation of energy and efficient use of that energy towards expression of optimal potential in life.  These processes and pathways are directed on the input (sensory) side of the system.  Chiropractic should address conservation of energy and the efficient use of that energy towards expression of optimal potential in life.  Chiropractic should not ignore the 400 million year history of the evolution and development of the vertebrae brain.  Working in synergy with this reality leads to incredible clinical results

What do our patients say about A Functional Life -

Dr. Clary, "Thank you so much for using your "magic touch" to fix my neck. Your adjustments allow me to avoid surgery and to continue to work - pain free! Without your Chiropractic experience I would have to change careers. I thank you and my family thanks you!"
Joe Schepers - Mound, MN

A Functional Life
"I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of the great doctors at A Functional Life for helping my family to stay healthy. You are the best Chiropractors in all of Minnesota."
Matt Otto - Rice, Minnesota

"Thank you for educating me about how chiropractic can help me to live a much more enjoyable lifestyle free of aches and pains. Your seminars are the best thing I could have spent my time on. It will help me for the rest of my life. You all are the best."
Kara N. - Woodbury, MN

"I have suffered from migraines my entire life, until I met Dr. Fred Clary, DC that is. Dr. Clary, thank you for relieving a lifetime of pain. I never believed in Chiropractic care until I was introduced to you. I can now live my life free of those terrible migraine headaches. I don't know how to begin to thank you!"
Karen K.- Excelsior, Minnesota


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